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Kolay helps the world’s leading companies manage their HR management tasks across devices


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Wired: One of the hottest startups in Europe

Every year, WIRED picks the brilliant minds and companies that will make a difference in the long run. Kolay was included in 2017.


All-in-one HR

Use our intuitive platform to store your employee records, manage shifts and handle payroll all securely


Spend time elsewhere and let Kolay help you set employee objectives and gain real insights within your organization. With Kolay HR analytics, you can easily visualize key data and gain valuable


With Kolay HR analytics, you can easily visualize key data and gain valuable insights about your team


Kolay lets you create dedicated employee profiles so you can keep track of important employee activities

Time off Tracking

Automate your workflow under one platform. Allow employees to submit time off requests via our desktop and mobile app

Kolay App Store

With our app store, take advantage of new features constantly. You can install apps with just a click of a button and unlock many features

More features


Create your own training courses and have your employees master essential business concepts within your organization. Keep track of all progress under one platform

Shift Management

Manage employee scheduling between your departments in your company and optimize the process

Expense Tracking

Allow team members to submit expenses and keep track of your employee documents with one centralized platform

Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Access Kolay at any time with any device. Our secure cloud infrastructure allows your team to access the platform anywhere in the world


Introducing brand new branding. Read about our new global launch in Medium article.